How Heating and Air Conditioning Warranties Can Save You Thousands of Dollars from Future Costly Repairs

As a homeowner, your financial load increases tremendously when it comes time to run the air conditioning unit during the heat of the summer. Same goes for your furnace in the winter. 

Besides the increased energy bills you see coming in during peak heat season, many homeowners face costly repairs to their air conditioning systems due to weathering and general everyday use.

Homeowners should always consider that their heating and air conditioning equipment from Semper Solaris comes with a lifetime warranty.

Protecting Your Air Conditioning Equipment with Proper Coverage

Today’s energy-saving air conditioners are quite sophisticated and require expert HVAC professionals to service and maintain these AC units. Repairs from untrained, or uncertified air conditioning repair specialists will surely void a warranty costing you potentially thousands.

Budgeting for a potential breakdown with unknown costs is not a recommended way to protect your investment. You would be better off spending that money on a quality air conditioning or heating system that comes with a warranty that covers HVAC parts and labor.

Using the right HVAC company to service your air conditioning & heating system on a quarterly maintenance schedule will also help extend the life of your units.

This will also ensure your air conditioner and furnace performs at the highest level while not voiding any warranties that protect your heating and air conditioning investment.

HVAC Warranty Guide: Not All HVAC Warranties are Created Equal

HVAC Warranty Terms

When you purchase a new air conditioning system for your residential home, always consider the warranty term. The term refers to the duration of time of the AC equipment protection.

Great HVAC manufacturers stand behind their products. Because HVAC repair can be so costly, you must have a warranty with long enough terms. 

Parts Warranties for HVAC 

Depending on the type of HVAC unit you purchase for your home, always take into consideration that different parts of the heating and air conditioning system have different warranty expirations.

For example, a heat exchanger warranty might be a 20-year warranty, while other parts are covered for just 10 years.

Always be sure to clarify with your air conditioning contractor what your HVAC manufacturer product warranty covers.

Extended HVAC Warranties

Often,  heating and air conditioning manufacturers and dealers offer extended warranties. These warranties often add 5 to 10 years to cover parts and labor.

Understand the details relating to your extended warranty offer such as the availability of the extended warranty and how long you have to wait for an HVAC technician to fix your air conditioning system during peak times of the year.

Equally important is to know how long your air conditioning contractor has been in business.

Purchasing an extended warranty from an air conditioning company that goes out of business before your warranty expires happens more often than you might think.

This is especially true for smaller HVAC companies that don’t have a large presence in your state.

How to not Void an HVAC Warranty

If you invest in a warranty for your HVAC equipment, which is our recommendation, avoiding these simple and often overlooked mistakes will help you from a void warranty.

First and foremost, hire a certified and licensed HVAC contractor. Air conditioning installations and repairs not performed by licensed and certified AC professionals will most likely end in a void warranty.

Ensure your heating and air conditioning company provides you with the proper paperwork of installation as proof of purchase and date of installation.

Again, using a licensed and certified HVAC expert will only use APPROVED replacement parts. This ensures your warranty is valid and continues to protect your HVAC investment.

Don’t make the mistake of not performing scheduled maintenance. Please follow your air conditioning contractor’s recommendations whether your situation requires a quarterly or annual maintenance plan.

Keep records, receipts, and any maintenance paperwork to ensure your warranty remains valid.

Warranties for HVAC Installation

In addition to manufacturer warranties and extended manufacturer warranties, many trusted HVAC contractors will provide an installation warranty that protects you from work performed and a proper heating and air conditioning installation.

This usually covers accidental damage and offers the homeowner additional protection.

HVAC Warranties Provide Peace of Mind

Talk to your local HVAC contractor about your options for warranties around your heating and air conditioning system.

Besides protecting homeowners from costly AC repair bills, warranties give you peace of mind knowing that if you have a breakdown, you’re going to be covered.

No more surprise emergency costs when it comes to your comfort and your home investment.

If you have more questions regarding warranties, please reach out to us at Semper Solaris. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.We’d also like to help you make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing a new heating and air conditioning system, or simply getting yours replaced.