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Palm Desert is a city in California located in the Coachella Valley. Surrounded by high mountains and a sloping valley Palm Desert has one of the warmest winters in the United States. It is a favorite place for snowbirds, people coming from colder climates, to take refuge in the sun. Often called the World’s Golf capital, the extensive array of golf courses makes Palm Desert a Golfer’s dream. There is no shortage of things to do, but Palm Desert is a place to relax for many.

Palm Desert is a leader in energy conservation. The city is dedicated to energy conservation and protecting the environment, as evidenced by their Living Desert Zoo with over 400 protected desert animals and plants and the Coachella national wildlife refuge. Palm Desert is a model for other cities to follow with solar panels that power the city’s facilities and the fleet of alternative fuel vehicles.

The desert gets very hot, up over 100 degrees and more in the summer. Air conditioners work overtime to keep the desert homes cool. And with the extensive use comes breakdowns and costly repairs. Upgrading to a new, state-of-the-art, energy-efficient HVAC will keep you cool and comfortable.

Energy Efficient HVAC for Palm Desert

If your home in Palm Desert has an older HVAC system or is in disrepair, you may not notice until it stops keeping you as comfortable as it used to and your electric bill is noticeably higher. The older inefficient models of HVAC can be 40 to 50 years old. They cause greenhouse gas emissions due to the poisonous refrigerants used for cooling, and the old furnaces burn natural gas, posing the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. A new energy-efficient HVAC with the latest technology will save you money, improve your air quality, and most of all make you much safer in your home.

Semper Solaris Heating and Air Conditioning offers replacement heating and air conditioning units to the Palm Desert homeowners. We can inspect your HVAC to determine whether it needs repair or replacement. Whether you want to keep central air and heating using the duct system in your home, or if you wish to get the most efficiency by installing a ductless mini-split, we can help you find the perfect solution.

Signs You May Need To Replace Your HVAC

Desert Willow Gold Course.

Solar Power in Palm Desert

Solar power is the number one energy source in California. The Coachella Valley’s bright and abundant sunshine makes solar energy a smart option. Many Palm Desert homeowners have already joined their city installing solar panels. Whether you have solar and wish to upgrade your HVAC system or upgrade your HVAC and add solar, Semper Solaris can do the job.

Solar power does not pollute, and you can run your air conditioner and everything else all day long without paying on an extra dime. It is perfect for hot desert days. Running your HVAC on Solar Power is the most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable world. Follow the example set by your city and consider installing solar for the sake of the environment and your comfort.

Semper Solaris can install your new HVAC running on energy from your solar panels. We offer the highest quality, military-grade equipment from the top air conditioner, furnace, and solar manufacturers. We will have your new energy-efficient HVAC working seamlessly with your Solar Panels and enjoying comfort and savings from day one. Clean and green is what Palm Desert is about.

The Best Air Quality for Palm Desert!

Biological and other contaminants from dust mites, mold, and spores reside in your home and infiltrate the air you breathe. This toxic air can be the cause of respiratory issues and illness, and viruses.

The new energy-efficient, technologically advanced HVACs are more powerful and have advanced filtering to keep most toxins from circulating in your home. Semper Solaris can equip your unit with added protection from specialized filters and air cleaning technology. With a new heating and air conditioning unit, you will have more comfort, better health, and safety.

Semper Solaris is an American, veteran-owned heating and air conditioning company in Palm
Desert. We bring the esteemed values we lived by in the military, honesty, integrity, and hard
work. We are committed to hiring members of our armed forces who share the same ideals
that drive our company

At Semper Solaris, we offer our customers the very best, top-of-the-line products and superior
service. We serve all our clients with integrity, honesty, and attention to detail on every
project. Our highly trained and skilled team goes above and beyond to make our customers
happy. Let us add to your home comfort for your well-being.

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