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Do you live in Los Angeles, the City of Angels, the largest populated city in California, Then you should know about the amazing weather and how hot and cold it can get. Semper Solaris Heating and Air Conditioning is here to make sure you are comfortable no matter the temperature outside. We are the number one, most trusted HVAC company in the second most populated and diverse city in the United States. And then there’s Hollywood too.

Los Angeles is considered the “Creative Capital of the World,” with the most artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, dancers, and musicians living the dream. We have a diversity of habitats along our beaches and mountains and too many landmarks, restaurants, and tourist attractions to list. They say if it’s not in L.A., it doesn’t exist.

Angelinos are environmentally conscious: recycling, reusing, rehoming, and re just about everything. But how many have replaced their old, outdated, energy hog, polluting air conditioner, and 50-year-old furnace? We say we like energy efficiency and renewable energy; it’s a fashionable thing to say. We say we hate greenhouse gases. But that old HVAC eats up too much power and produces too much greenhouse gas emissions in the already too smoggy Los Angeles air.

Get Serious And Replace Your HVAC

Heating and air conditioning use more Los Angeles electricity than all other energy usage combined. If your HVAC system is older or in disrepair, it costs exponentially more. The older models of HVAC are outdated with technology that can be 40 to 50 years old. They run inefficiently, use poisonous coolants, and an old school furnace burns fossil fuel that presents the danger of toxic fumes and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Semper Solaris Heating and Air Conditioning offers replacement of Heating and Air Conditioning units in Los Angeles. We can inspect your HVAC systems to determine if it needs repair or replacing. Whether it’s the central air you want, or the more efficient ductless-mini split, or anything in between, we have many options from which to choose.

A new energy-efficient HVAC with the latest technology will save you money, improve your air quality, and reduce your consumption. But more importantly, it will significantly increase your safety and comfort.

Signs That You May Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner

Solar Power in Los Angeles

Los Angeles homeowners have an opportunity to make more of a difference. Help the city reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower the overall carbon footprint by installing solar panels from Semper Solaris. Electricity demand is increasing, not decreasing as we acquire more smart devices and appliances that make our lives better. Solar can power your new Heating and Air Conditioning system along with everything else, including heating your pool or charging your Electric Vehicle.

Semper Solaris can install your new HVAC and Solar panels together for much cleaner and less costly energy use. Or, if you already have a new HVAC, we can add solar panels. We offer the very best air conditioners, furnaces, ductless mini splits, and more. Our military-grade products are from the most reputable companies in the business. We will have your HVAC working seamlessly with your Solar Panels. Now that is actual energy efficiency and eco solution.

Breathe Carefully in Los Angeles

Biological contaminants such as mold, spores, dust mites, and other tiny organisms reside in the home and are present in the air you breathe. These toxins that infiltrate the air cause respiratory illnesses and can circulate throughout your HVAC and duct system into your living spaces.

The new energy-efficient HVACs not only control the temperature and comfort of your home, but they have powerful filtering and cleaning capabilities that older models don’t have. Find out more about our indoor air quality solutions.

Our Los Angeles Company

Semper Solaris is an American and veteran-owned heating and air conditioning company here in the City of Angels. We hold ourselves to the values and standards we followed in the military, honesty, integrity, and hard work. Our team is committed to hiring members of our armed forces to share our mission of bringing our best to every project. We serve our customers with the same ideals that define our company. We offer the highest quality products and services. Our highly skilled team always goes above and beyond to make our customers happy.

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