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Once upon a time, about a hundred years ago, orange groves formed Orange County’s identity. By design, orange groves were planted to attract people looking for tropical living. Millions of orange trees grew, but only a few are left. As the population grew, the orange groves were cleared out to make room for tract homes. Orange County grew to become one of the most populated counties in California.

Orange County is a suburban area bordered by Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties and the coast. This city thrives as a tourist destination. Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and other attractions lure people from all over the world. With 42 miles of coastline, Orange County has the most beautiful beaches in California. Visitors flock to the well-maintained beach town resorts to take advantage of hiking trails, mountain biking, golf courses, dining, and more. The Surf culture is alive and well at Orange County beaches, a destination for both locals and tourists, waves are sensational, and surfing happens year-round.

Orange County residents are eco-conscious and careful to keep their cities clean and vibrant. Many have installed Solar Panels on their rooftops. Saving energy and lowering their carbon footprint is a priority here. Often overlooked is the energy efficiency inside the home. Look no further than your heating and air conditioning.

Is It Time To Replace Your Heating and Air Conditioning?

Your HVAC uses more electricity than nearly everything in your home together. If your Heating or Air Conditioner is old or in disrepair, it uses even more. You can save energy and money by upgrading to an up-to-date, energy-efficient HVAC system. The older models of HVAC can be 40 to 50 years old and still running, but running inefficiently. They use poisonous refrigerants and burn gas for heating. This presents the danger of toxic fumes and carbon monoxide poisoning. With energy costs going up along with the demand for more, energy efficiency is the smart choice.

Semper Solaris Heating and Air Conditioning offers HVAC replacement units in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We can inspect your HVAC to determine if it needs repair or replacing. Whether it’s the central air you want, or the more efficient ductless-mini split, or anything in between, we have many options from which to choose.

Signs That You May Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner

Solar Power in Orange County

Orange County homeowners are helping this city reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower the overall carbon footprint by installing solar panels. Electricity demand is increasing, not decreasing as we acquire more smart devices and appliances in our homes and businesses. You can power your new HVAC and everything in your house with solar panels. You can even heat your pool or charge your electric vehicle. Solar gives you more freedom to do more with your electricity without costing any more.

Semper Solaris can install your new HVAC and Solar panels together for much cleaner and less costly energy use. Or, if you already have a new HVAC, we can add solar panels. We offer the very best air conditioners, furnaces, ductless mini splits, and more. Our military-grade products are from the most reputable companies in the business. We will have your HVAC working seamlessly with your Solar Panels. That is energy efficiency that can’t be beaten.

Your Orange County Indoor Air

Biological contaminants such as mold, spores, dust mites, and other tiny organisms reside in the home and infiltrate the air in your home. This toxic air is the cause of many respiratory diseases and even viruses. That is why indoor air quality is more important than ever. These contaminants circulate through your inefficient HVAC and duct system into your living spaces.

The new energy-efficient HVACs control the temperature and comfort of your home. They have powerful filtering and cleaning capabilities that older models don’t have.

Our Company in Orange County

Semper Solaris is proud to be an American, veteran-owned heating and air conditioning company here in Orange County. We hold ourselves to the values and standards we followed in the military of honesty, integrity, and hard work.

Our growing team is committed to hiring members of our armed forces to share our mission of bringing our best to every project. We serve our customers with the same ideals that define our company. We offer the highest quality products and services. Our highly skilled team always goes above and beyond to make our customers happy.

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