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Top 3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold Air

September 9, 2021
As you already know, California brings the heat. The weather can easily get above the 100s which means your air conditioner needs to be able to work properly for you and your family to cool down. Your air conditioner represents on of the largest home appliance investments you can make. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the top reasons your air conditioning system is now working properly such as not blowing cool air, and offer you some resolutions on keeping your unit working for many ye... Continue Reading

Air Conditioning Options For Your Home: Ductless Mini-Split Vs Central Air Units

May 19, 2021
When it comes to staying cool in states such as California, choosing the best air conditioning unit for your home can quickly become a confusing experience especially since there is a large selection to choose from.When you do research, you are most likely to come across the two most popular options which include Ductless Mini-Split & Central Air. The biggest difference between the two air conditioning systems are the look, the price, and the amount of annual maintenance.  Depending ... Continue Reading

How Heating and Air Conditioning Warranties Can Save You Thousands of Dollars from Future Costly Repairs

May 19, 2021
As a homeowner, your financial load increases tremendously when it comes time to run the air conditioning unit during the heat of the summer. Same goes for your furnace in the winter.  Besides the increased energy bills you see coming in during peak heat season, many homeowners face costly repairs to their air conditioning systems due to weathering and general everyday use. Homeowners should always consider that their heating and air conditioning equipment from Semper Air by Semper So... Continue Reading