Top 3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold Air

As you already know, California brings the heat. The weather can easily get above the 100s which means your air conditioner needs to be able to work properly for you and your family to cool down. Your air conditioner represents on of the largest home appliance investments you can make.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the top reasons your air conditioning system is now working properly such as not blowing cool air, and offer you some resolutions on keeping your unit working for many years to come.

From simple dirty filters that need to be replaced with new ones, to the more technical side of things such as electrical issues, there are several issues that may cause your air conditioning system not to be blowing the cold air you are accustomed to. Let us begin by exploring some of those common issues and hopefully educate you, and shed some light on the importance of keeping your air conditioner in top form with the added value of our lifetime warranty by Semper Solaris.

Dirty Air Filters Can Block Cold Air From Flowing Correctly

One of the most commons issues that we get all the time is that cold air is not blowing correctly. The first thing we always ask is if your filter has been changed recently? The air filter in your system is already designed to restrict the air flow simply by just being there. Add to that, a totally blocked filter that is caused from dust, dirt, and other foreign debris will leave your air conditioner from blowing nice cool air and it will create further problems.

At the same time, Blocked or dirty air filters will cause your air conditioning unit to not cool correctly, allowing some rooms to be more cooler while others seem to be not get any cold air at all. Blocked and dirty filters can trap pockets of cold air in and around your air conditioner coils causing icing issues that will eventually lead to water damage from the ice.

With all the talk in this past year about the quality of the indoor air that we breathe, wouldn’t it seem to be in your best interest for yourself and your family to not only change your air filter monthly, but consider upgrading to a better air conditioning system from Semper Solaris.

Thermostat Issues

Thermostats are one of the more key components of your HVAC system. Thermostats are used to detect temperature changes for the ability to maintain that temperature in an area.

If your thermostat is older (such as analog’ types), it can be prone to either being out of calibration or having basic malfunctions. Just like any other device in your home, your old thermostat could be subject to failure at any given moment. Having a professional technician from Semper Solaris to come and properly diagnose any thermostat malfunctions tends to be a simpler solution when your air conditioner begin blowing less cold air. Sometimes, it’s a simple solution like the cooling switch being inadvertently switched ‘off.’

Your thermostat is similar to the air filter in that now may be a good time to consider a change or upgrade! Newer and more efficient digital thermostats have the latest thermostat technology to make your older air conditioning system perform like it’s brand new.

Condensing Coils Need To Be Clean

One of the most important parts of your air conditioner is the large condensing coils found on the outdoor portion of your unit. These coils allow the heat from your home to be eliminated through a fan forcing the heat off of the coils.

A dirty coil, and bent fins can easily be responsible for reducing your systems cooling capacity , causing it to as you guessed it, blow less cold air! Both the condition of the condenser coil, and the condensing fan motor should be serviced at least once every 6 months for maximum cooling capacity from your system on those days that it is needed the most.

These are the top 3 reasons your air conditioner may not be blowing cold air. Remember, a faulty or old air conditioner should be inspected and repaired only by trained and experienced professionals. This is because they have potentially dangerous components that can injure you or worse. But, when you can definitely spot the symptoms, it’s time to call in a pro. Semper Solaris has you covered. Contact us today for more information on replacing or repairing your AC unit.