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Photo of Clay K.
5-star review

We used Semper Solaris 6 years ago and installed 18 panels. They really made a difference in my bill.

Clay K.

San Diego, CA

Photo of Ernesto S.
5-star review

I appreciate everyone and commend Semper Solaris for having an amazing group of people on their team.

Ernesto S.

Escondido, CA

Photo of Michael S.
5-star review

They worked non-stop to get the Powerwalls installed and were done earlier than expected.

Michael S.

Morgan Hill, CA

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5-star review

Our experience with Semper Solaris was great...

We had solar panels already, but wanted a PowerWall. We approached Tesla directly and that was a hot mess!! A friend referred us to Semper Solaris. ...Great response times from the original estimate to the final walkthrough and Semper has done follow up to see if we need anything well after completion. ...we were ready in time for fire season and potential brown/blackouts. The whole process was very easy. Thanks Semper Solaris!

Photo of Terri K.

We were amazed by the amount of money we were saving.

We recently had our air conditioner installed and now our house feels wonderful and our electric bill still shows that we have credits. We are excited knowing that we will have free electricity in 12 years or less! If you're considering having solar installed on your house, then look no further, Semper Solaris will be your best choice.

Photo of Carrie T.

I had a great experience with Semper Solaris

...and without a doubt would recommend them 100%. From beginning to end in installing a new heating system at my home the technicians were polite, professional and very knowledgeable with their work.

Photo of Hilda L.

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