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The Bay Area is a sprawling area of Northern California spanning nine counties with many towns and cities. This region comprises a medley of landforms and historic architecture that dates back to the gold rush days. Today this region to the north, south, east, and west tells its story with industries ranging from heavy manufacturing and agriculture to financial services and the tech sector in Silicon Valley.

The San Francisco Bay area has a rich history of pioneering social change: from political and cultural movements to innovation in the arts and sciences. And today, with an eye towards conservation, this is the home of critical ecological habitats: protected sea life and redwood trees along the coast and throughout the area.

Residents here in the Bay area believe in a sustainable future for all life. They want energy efficiency and freedom from fossil fuels and pollutants for their homes and cities. We at Semper Air share this vision, and we facilitate eco-friendly solutions that promote a better life.

Energy Efficient HVAC for Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Your heating and air conditioning uses more electricity than all other energy usage combined. If your HVAC system is older or in disrepair, it costs even more money and contributes to greenhouse gases. The older models of HVAC run on technology that can be 40 to 50 years old. They run on poisonous refrigerants for cooling. The old furnaces burn natural gas and pose the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. A new energy-efficient air conditioning or heating system with the latest technology will save you money, improve your air quality, and most of all make you much safer in your home.

Semper Air Heating and Air Conditioning offers replacement of HVAC units to the Bay Area. We can inspect your HVAC to determine whether it needs repair or replacing. Whether you want to keep central air and heating using the duct system in your home, or if you wish to get the most efficiency by installing a ductless mini-split, we can help craft the perfect solution.

Signs You May Need To Replace Your HVAC

Solar Power Rocks the Bay Area

Solar power is the number one energy source in California, and the Bay Area is ahead of the curve. Many homeowners here have already joined the solar revolution. Whether you have solar and wish to upgrade your HVAC system or upgrade your HVAC and add Solar, it is happening in the Bay Area.

Solar power does not pollute, and you can run your air conditioner and everything else all day long. Running your HVAC on Solar Power is the most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable world. Why not join your Bay Area neighbors in the fight for a better, more sustainable world?

Semper Air can install your new HVAC running on energy from your solar panels. We offer the highest quality, military-grade equipment from the most reputable companies for our air conditioners, furnaces, and solar panels. We will have your new energy-efficient HVAC working seamlessly with your Solar Panels in no time. Clean and green is better for you and the world around you.

What’s In the Air?

Biological and other contaminants naturally reside in your home. Toxins from dust mites, mold, spores, and a host of other microscopic toxins infiltrate your indoor air. Contaminated air can be the cause of respiratory issues and viruses. Recently, the CDC recommended using effective air conditioning as a partner to reduce the spread of Covid19, as long as you follow the other safe practices.

The new energy-efficient HVACs are more powerful and have effective advanced filtering to keep most toxins from circulating. And Semper Air can equip your unit with added protection from specialized filters and air cleaning technology. With a new HVAC, you will be much better off in comfort, health, and safety.

Our Company

Semper Air is an American, veteran-owned heating and air conditioning company here in the Bay Area. We bring the esteemed military values of honesty, integrity, and hard work we lived by in the military. We are committed to hiring members of our armed forces who share the same ideals that drive our company.

Together we offer our customers the very best, top-of-the-line products and superior service. We serve our clients with integrity, honesty, and attention to detail on every project. Our highly skilled team goes above and beyond to make our customers happy.

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